Welcome to RampageForSale.com, the site dedicated to displaying 1982, 1983 and 1984 Dodge Rampage coupe utility pickup trucks for sale across North America.


Site Mission: The goal of this site is to be the ultimate market for late model Dodge Rampage trucks.  In order to accomplish this goal we do a few things different on our site compared to other online niche car classifieds and forums.


Ad Creation

First we accept ads posted directly here by Dodge Rampage sellers along with re-posting ads from popular online classifieds such as Craigslist and eBay.  We do this to give a complete picture of the market across the entirety of North America, which includes all of the US states, Canadian provinces and Mexico border towns.  It should be noted that ads posted directly to this site are updated daily while re-posts from other sites are done so on roughly a weekly basis.

Use our Ad Submission page to list a Dodge Rampage for sale on this site


SOLD Listings

Rampage SoldSecondly we feature both past and present Dodge Rampage ads in order to give a complete history of the market and provide a living and rolling database for both buyers and sellers to use when valuating their vehicles.  In order to segment our ads and make it easy for our users to see which listings are sold and which are currently available, we mark our sold listings with the world SOLD in red bold font and strike-through.  We also remove all seller contact information.

During our normal update process it is possible for us to be late on marking a sold listing or missing it all together.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  As a safeguard we have added a manual “Last Updated” field on top of the original post date so that potential buyers can get an idea of the age of an ad before reaching the seller.  An extremely old ad is likely to be sold or no longer available.  Please Contact Us should you encounter a vehicle that has been sold or is no longer available.


Seller Information

Please note that the seller information provided in each ad is the best information that we have for each vehicle.  While leaving a comment under the post or sending us a message is fine, it is unlikely to better help you reach the seller.  If you find incorrect or outdated seller information please let us know on our Contact page and we will remove it.

If you are a seller and would like your personal information removed please send as a message and we will do so immediately.


Website Disclaimer:

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