1984 Carroll IA

No Longer Available

Last Updated:02/21/19

Key Part Features:

Model Year: 1984
Odometer: 94,377
Transmission: Automatic
Condition: Good
Color: Silver

Ad Information

Source: Craigslist
City/Area: Carroll
State/Region: Iowa
Asking Price: $1,700
Contact: No Longer Available

1984 dodge rampage, based on omni, o24

Silver, 2.2l auto , cruise, ps
Engine runs well, shifts well
Very little rust, floor pans and undercarriage is good
There is a couple of spots of rust tat were cut out, behind both wheels, in front of drivers wheel
Bed is rust free

Available for purchase as parts cars / whole cars (all have titles)
1982 plymouth horizon (ran and drove when parked, mostly complete 1.7l)
1987 dodge daytona pacifica (seized motor, 525a was removed for ’89 shelby, and gas tank 2.2 t1)
1982 dodge o24 (shell)
1992 dodge shadow (runs drives)
1989 dodge daytona shelby (ran and drove when parked, stuck wastegate, 525a trans , 2.2 t2)
2004 saturn vue (runs drives great, has cvt trans, driveshaft removed = no awd)



1984 Carroll IA

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