1984 Burlington KS

Last Updated: 10/1/15

Key Part Features:

Model Year: 1984
Odometer: 130k
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Good
Color: Black

Ad Information

Source: Craigslist
City/Area: Burlington
State/Region: Kansas
Asking Price: $5,500
Contact: 620-364-8200

1984 Dodge Rampage, Prospector package, showing 130000 miles on the odometer. Very sound frame rails and under structure. 2.2 4 cylinder engine with Direct Connection performance enhancement kit. This kit was originally designed by Carrol Shelby for the 2.2, and built in kit form by B&M for Direct Connection. It included a 66 cubic inch supercharger, intake manifold, camshaft and valve cover. Along with the kit installed, is a Weber 38/38 carb with K&N filter, Hooker long tube header, Mallory Unilite distributor, Mallory active power filter, MSD 6AL ignition control box, MSD boost timing master and Blaster 2 coil. Additional upgrades include a Shelby radiator and cooling fan, Derale fan controller, 8MM Mopar spark plug wires and sintered iron rocker arms.

This truck runs like a normal vehicle and requires no special tools or instructions to drive it. It runs and drives like they should have from the start. If you have ever had an automatic transmission coupled to a 2.2 in just about anything, they are absolute pigs to drive and you feel like you are about to be run over at any time because it wont pick up speed. Not this one. Driving it like a normal car, it accelerates like a V-8 car, and turns about 2100RPM @70MPH. Its a blast to drive to say the least. Can be driven home or anywhere with great reliability.

Comes with a box full of extra and removed original parts (heads, manifolds, etc). Have yourself a Mopar rocket to pick on the import crowd with.




1984 Burlington KS


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